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investors will do more deal in 2023 than ever before

Scaling Your Business

What if, in less than a year, you could generate a significant amount of commissions by working with only a handful of clients?

Homebuyer transactions are way down. According to industry experts, homeowner transactions will continue to decrease.

Canada is becoming a nation of renters…and who is housing these renters? Investors!

And at the end of the day, investors do more deals with more frequency. 

When you add Real Estate Investors to your client mix you get clients who are eager to do multiple deals a year with you. They are not emotionally attached to the outcome of the deal. They close faster and do bigger deals.

If you want to learn how to generate bigger commissions with fewer clients with less headaches and stress…keep reading.

Here's What Your New Business Can Look Like...

  • Connecting buyers and sellers within your own growing investor database, thus eliminating the ‘other’ agent.
  • Prospecting in a COMPLETELY different way by having conversations surrounding wealth building
  • Generating consistent quality leads with high conversion rates.
  • Effortlessly engage with anyone anywhere and convert them into a real estate investor.

If you want to close larger deals with fewer clients and create customer loyalty like you have never seen,
this training is for you…


Here is an investor client transaction report from Tahir Gilani of Summit Realty after the InAgent Training.

Client return on investment is 275% in ONE year

We helped a client buy a property in Hamilton for $399,000. My client made a down payment of $80,000 (20%). 

We helped her to rent that property for $2900 per month. Her total cost for mortgage and property tax was only $1900…making her $1000 extra every month. She made an extra $12,000 from rent. 

After one year lease finished in December, we decided to offer this property up for sale as we wanted to help our client to capture the real estate market boom.

We listed the property for sale at $499,000. 7 days later we sold the property for $620,000.

Result: She invested only $80,000 for one year. She walked away with $300,000 (her down payment of $80,000 + $220,000 profit). And we made a great commission!

Matthew Beardmore

More deals than I thought possible

“This training has shown me how to leverage my time and do more deals easier than I thought possible!” 

~Matthew Beardmore

Remax Sea to Sky Real Estate – Squamish


Wish I had learned this sooner

“How I wish that I could have started this course earlier in my career. It’s been a total eye-opener. All that I learned in the Sauder School of business course for Realtors is just a tiny bit as compared to your course. The Real Estate Board taught us all the points theoretically, but not a single way to implement it in everyday life of a Realtor. The InAgent training course has a very nice and easy flow and your presentation is great. I am sure to recommend it to every Realtor that I meet.”

~Vishey Singh

3000 Realty Ltd


Loads of useful content

“The course is very helpful and informative. So much groundwork with various scenarios provided and so many components to investments. Gord was personable, interactive and provided loads of material with lots of useful content.” 

~Carina Cantelon

Sutton Group- West Coast Realty

Nick Zheng

Increase in business

“Very informative training course for everyone, not just realtors and investors. It’s good to learn these strategies in investment property, and it will definitely help me make more money in the near future.”

~Nick Zheng

Sutton Group Realty

Here’s what you get inside

the InAgent Training Program

What's  Included?

  • 12 Units of Comprehensive Online Training Videos (6 months    access to complete the training)
  • Action Steps to Systematically Grow Your Business
  • Downloadable PDF’s, Spreadsheets, Calculators, Checklists, and Power Point Presentation Templates
  • The InAgent Designation (upon successful completion)
  • The InAgent Certificate of Completion
  • Your Personal InAgent Logo (for your media branding)

What makes the InAgent Training different?

12 Units of Comprehensive On-Line Training Videos

Downloadable PDF’s, Spreadsheets, Calculators, Checklists, and Power Point Presentation Templates

This training includes ‘plug & play’ investment property presentation templates, key legal forms, ROI calculation templates designed to knock the socks off any investor would come in contact with. It’s all there…and then some! This is a value filled training, designed to get you closing more deals with more frequency and predictability.

Join InAgent Training Today!

  • 12 Units of Comprehensive on Line Training Videos (6 months    access to complete the training)
  • Action Steps to Systematically Grow Your Business
  • Downloadable PDF’s, Spreadsheets, Calculators, Checklists, and Power Point Presentation Templates
  • The InAgent Designation (upon successful completion)
  • The InAgent Certificate of Completion
  • Your Personal InAgent Logo (for your media branding)

$2997 + applicable taxes

Did someone say bonuses?

In addition to the entire InAgent Training Program, you’re also going to get 6 bonuses that will boost your sales quickly!

Bonus #1: Done for You Property Presentation Template (Value $1500)

In this step-by-step template you will be able to put together a presentation for your clients quickly and easily.

Bonus #2: Phone Scripts (Value $500)

So you have the potential client on the phone, now what do you say? These phone scripts will help you answer every question an investor has and even some they didn’t know to ask!

Bonus #3: Joint Venture Agreement & Checklist (Value $1500)

It is essential in dotting all your “i’s when dealing with real estate. The Joint Venture Agreement and Checklist will ensure you are staying within the letter of the law.

Bonus #4: 12 Months of Business Implementation Mastermind Sessions (Value $3200)

These interactive webinars cover a multitude of topics including 0-dollar cost marketing, leveraging your InAgent status to your existing list, existing investors and the public; where and how to integrate into investor groups; engaging conversations with everyone to promote you as the expert and much more.

Bonus #5: Client / Prospect Webinars (Value $2000)

Our client/prospect webinars are designed to turn a luke-warm lead into a red-hot lead. You can invite clients or prospects to a Client Webinar. We will show them how the power of real estate investing can change their financial future forever and through more education or simply by hearing the message from another source can turn that lead into a lifelong client for you.

Bonus #6: Investment Property Due Diligence Checklist (Value $500)

Our Due Diligence checklist is a great tool when keeping track of your investor client's deals. There can be many moving parts to some investor deals, which is why having a checklist is crucial to your success and that of the investor. This checklist will help the deal move smoother, stick to deadlines, and enable you to ask the right questions to the right people at the right time.

Over $9000 in Bonuses

Our Guarantee

RISK FREE for 30 Days

We are so confident that if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value and treasured time back in your calendar. And we are backing it up with our risk-free guarantee. Here’s how it works.

Test drive the InAgent Training , if you don’t feel we delivered the value we promised, just send us an email to within 30 days, show us your work, and we will give you every dollar back.

Meet your coach, Gord Lemon…

As a 33 year veteran real estate investor, Gord Lemon, a co-founder of InAgent, has owned residential and commercial investment properties in multiple provinces and states in  Canada and the U.S.


Each city Gord invested in, his experience with real estate agents was similar. After an encouraging initial conversation with a self proclaimed investor agent, Gord conveyed a simple criteria: investment property type, price point and desired outcome i.e. profit.


Assured of receiving great properties, Gord invariably received listings from an email drip which in NO WAY made sense or adhered to his previously discussed investment criteria!

The spark to create the InAgent training and InAgent designation was born from the common frustration experienced by so many real estate investors.


Investors in Canada and the U.S. will concur…there is a clear gap in investor knowledge shared by many agents. The InAgent™ training is here to fill this crucial gap; to raise the level of knowledge and service to the investor vertical and the industry in general.

You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers.

You will be able to help everyone you know build wealth through real estate. Imagine if you can help your clients retire earlier, go on more vacations, or buy that dream sports car. You create loyalty and build a massive referral network…and do more deals with more consistency.

There is no other training that speaks specifically to the real estate agent in understanding all the necessary components to work seamlessly with real estate investors. This is a comprehensive training program to give you the tools, techniques and knowledge to build a consistent 50 deal per year business.

We all make time for what is important to us. If you want to get out of the competitive retail market of real estate, this training will require time from you…but won’t a consistent 50 deal per year business be worth it?


You will be building your business as you go through the training. Generally you will want to allocate 5 – 10 hours a week to the training. Some weeks may be less time. The training is more action oriented than book oriented.

You will once you complete the training. We love newbies.

Sure you can. However you won’t have the access to professionals with over 30+ years of real estate investing experience guiding you through this process.

InAgent is the only certified training program for agents in the real estate investor world. It is a 12 week comprehensive training program that culminates with an exam. Only agents who pass the exam receive the InAgent Designation to use on all their marketing materials.

Not if you pay attention and do the weekly action assignments. We will have exam review session a week before your exam.

Lucky you! You won’t have any bad habits yet. Seriously, this is perfect for newbies to the real estate world because the training will give you the knowledge and tools to work with investors. What you will learn will allow you to soar above your competition with both investors and in the retail market place.

All training sessions are recorded and you have access to all the trainings for 6 months after you purchase. If you need more time, you may invest in extended time to go through the training.

How to Know InAgent Training is Perfect For You: