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Introducing the world’s first comprehensive training designed for agents to specifically work with real estate investors.

If you are a real estate investor, an InAgent™ will become your best ally.

A real estate investment can be complicated. An InAgent™ will guide you through the process.

An InAgent™ Realtor has one goal in mind…to help you achieve your real estate goals by securing great deals which fit your investment criteria.

Is Your agent IN?

Look for the
InAgent™ Designation!*

The InAgent designation* is your assurance of a highly trained and experienced partner

Benefits of working with an InAgent™

  • Expert advice and consultation
  • Access to a team of real estate investment specific  professionals to help you every step of the way
  • Receive key investor data and due diligence
  • Receive deals which ONLY meet your investment criteria 
  • Instant alerts to off market deals

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we love them

Client's Experience with their InAgent™

Real Estate Investing Can Be Challenging...

All you have to do is look for the InAgent designation*.

Your InAgent™ will do the rest!

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InAgent Insider™

  • Access to off market deals
  • Invest confidently out of province 
  • Plug in to our team of real estate experts to assist in all facets of a transaction
  • Create JV partnerships

Specializes in investment strategies

Understands the local market

Secures the local contacts and resources to support investors

Pre-analyzes properties and sends only those which correspond with investor criteria​​

Provides the knowledge, resources and industry professional to achieve successful investments

What happens when you settle for the average agent?

Frustration and Wasted Time: Not enough investment expertise to help you succeed as an investor
Poor deal choices : Not enough key contacts in your local investor community
Inadequate advice : Not enough know how to implement your investment strategy
Inadequate knowledge : Not enough specialized training to partner with you

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Our associates and affiliates who recognize the InAgent designation
as a key component in raising the level of knowledge and service in the real estate industry.

Timothy Powell

Creative Director

Lisa R. Boone

PPC Ninja

our work inspires smiles

The Faces Behind Our Success

Timothy Powell

Creative Director

our work inspires smiles

The Faces Behind Our Success

Why InAgent?

As a 33 year veteran real estate investor, Gord Lemon, a co-founder of InAgent, has owned residential and commercial investment properties in multiple provinces and states in  Canada and the U.S.

Each city Gord invested in, his experience with real estate agents was similar. After an encouraging initial conversation with a self proclaimed investor agent, Gord conveyed a simple criteria: investment property type, price point and desired outcome i.e. profit.

Assured of receiving great properties, Gord invariably received listings from an email drip which in NO WAY made sense or adhered to his previously discussed investment criteria!

The spark to create the InAgent training and InAgent designation was born from the common frustration experienced by so many real estate investors.

Investors in Canada and the U.S. will concur…there is a clear gap in investor knowledge shared by many agents. The InAgent training is here to fill this crucial gap; to raise the level of knowledge and service to the investor vertical and the industry in general.

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